Christmas Home

Ahhhhhh, it feels so good to be done decorating. Everything you see here is a mix of items that I’ve collected over the past 28 years and new decor purchased in the last week. I love getting timeless pieces, whether for everyday home decor or holidays. I love looking at the things we’ve had for so long, and knowing they’ve been with us since our first child took her first steps, to the time our first grandchild took his first steps, and soon to be our second grandchild taking her first steps. I know there is a lot of attention lately on getting rid of *things* and focusing on people instead. And I get it.  I really do – because I can’t stand clutter. Believe me, I get rid of anything I don’t like anymore, don’t wear anymore, or is damaged in some kind of way. I like to be organized and I don’t want stuff sitting around. I’m definitely  on the team “A Place for Everything, and Everything In It’s Place!!” But that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy making our home look and feel exactly how we want it.  For us, we make sure that we are making amazing memories together as a family, and our surroundings are a wonderful part of those memories. That’s part of the nostalgia & I don’t know about you, but I love that! Now to tackle the wrapping of gifts.























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  1. I’ve always loved your homes and decorating (thus why since shortly after meeting you my living room has been a yellow😆 ) . But I’m noticing with only half the kids married so far and only 2 grand babies, your going to need a bigger fireplace soon!

    1. haha, we were just saying that! How is it that this is the largest family room we’ve ever had, and yet it feels like it needs to be twice this size! As for stockings, we will just have to start hanging them over the bookcases when we get 2 more daughter-in-laws and more grandbabies! =)

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