Cozy Winter Wonderland Master Bedroom

Good morning my favorite peeps! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season so far. I’ve been preparing & cleaning & getting every last detail finished in our house for the holidays, up to TODAY! Why was today the deadline? Because TODAY my daughter and grandson are flying in from California for 3 whole weeks! (but we’ll be missing our son-in-law this year, as he had to travel for work for the next 2 months, sigh….) The car seat is installed in my SUV properly, his toys are out and ready for him, and the guest bedroom has fluffy & freshly cleaned bedding and some Christmas cheer added. I am so excited! And since their flight doesn’t arrive until later tonight, my friend & I decided to make a day of it and are going to lunch and doing a little shopping beforehand. I mean, when in Chicago, how can you not do some shopping!!

Ok, onto the good stuff for today. I’ve been working on our master bedroom for the holidays, and I am super excited to share the end result with you all this morning.  This was a labor of love – and shopping in my own house for most of it. The chair was brought up from downstairs, the quilt was a Christmas present from my husband 2 years ago. The trio of Christmas trees were purchased way back in 1999! Some of the decor is new, some were my clearance finds from last year, after the holidays.  The tray on our bed was a recent thrift store find, and I simply used chalk paint, a sanding sponge, and clear wax to refinish it, and the other piece was a small metal bowl that I just cleaned up really well & lined with greenery & snowball ornaments. WHY DID THEY THROW THOSE THINGS AWAY? One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, ha!

Also, I promise that once I learn all of the inner workings of blogland etiquette and the rules for sharing where my new purchases were made, I will come back and link everything, and share more details.  I’m also still learning photo editing & color & clarity for my photos. (our room is more warm toned in person, just hard to get the lighting right in photos) These are, once again, simply taken with my phone. But we do have a nice, REAL camera, lol, as my husband has always dabbled in photography. I’ve just not had time to really focus on learning all of these fine details – since you know, I decided to jump into this blogging thing right at the super busy holidays – because that’s just how I roll! All or nothing, baby!  😉  Anyway, thank you for being patient and understanding in that regard. I’ll be adding more photos and ideas every few days, so come on back for more tips & inspiration!

So here you have it ~ our super comfy, super calming, Winter Wonderland Master Bedroom







I know, I know! Taking photos at night AND having the lights turned on, too – totally taboo in photography for blogging.




I love the lanterns with white ornaments in them – a simple and rustic touch

I made these cone shaped Christmas trees out of poster board and a hot glue gun, then covered them in faux fur ribbon, faux snow, glitter, and twine – which was then painted white.

Such a fun AND inexpensive project!

I picked this silver basket up at the thrift store!! I know you can’t really see it in this photo, but it is so pretty! Perfect for some greenery and snowball ornaments.

My view every time I walk past or into our bedroom….


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  1. Beautiful!! My bedroom is sadly never made up this nicely, especially this time of year with the boys both at home I have sacks of Cmas stuff and wrapping supplies everywhere ! Truly scary but not like this Beauty! You must do a tutorial on how you made your little poster board trees!!

    1. Love ya Row!! My Christmas mess and wrapping station is in our basement utility room – it’s pretty big – when we built this house I knew we needed a large room for storage, and still have room for crafting. I’m sure that someday I will create something more pleasing to the eye in that room, but for now, that’s where the mess is hidden away. But you know me, it’s still fairly organized in there – it’s just a bit messy right now, because of everything set all around for easy access! =)

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