Photo Gallery Wall

Holy Smokes, I can’t believe I’m able to share this with everyone!! I’ve wanted to do this for almost 3 years. That’s as long as long as we’ve lived in this home.
But it seemed so daunting! So intimidating! So overwhelming!
In August I bought some new frames to go along with several that I had already been collecting over the last couple of years, for this project, and FINALLY get started. I watched for sales. And coupons. And clearance finds. And even checked the thrift store for frames I could refinish. And then they all sat in the hallway for 2 months. No joke! eeeeek!! I’m really not kidding.
I wish I had a photo of them all lined up! When I finally decided again to go for it, a spider had even made it’s home behind one of the frames. You don’t even want to know how loud I screamed when I reached for it, after having set them all on my dining room table to take their boxes off! Yeah, lesson learned! Procrastination in the fall time of year means fuzzy little 8 legged creatures may find their way into something sitting on the floor too long. And guess what that also meant? My project was put on hold AGAIN. My new project immediately after Mr. Spider jumped out and yelled, “Boo!!” at me, was to spray the whole house down with bug killer! Take that Mr. Spider!
That was in October. It would be another month before I actually got my family photo gallery wall put together. Why? Because my first attempt was right up my alley and personality, in terms of having a mirrored image of the same frames on both sides of a large central frame! (The ONE large lone collage frame that had been on that wall for 2.5 years!!)
I initially started by taking the advice of other bloggers who shared their ideas on creating a gallery wall, and laid everything out on the floor to get a design I liked, then I cut out paper the exact sizes of each frame, and taped them to the wall with that design idea. My nature is to want everything to match and be lined up in perfect harmony, so that took over. And it was awesome! That Brett guy even told me it was going to look SO good! And I was tickled with myself for finally taking the plunge and doing this thing!
And then reality hit me like a ton of bricks.
If I had an exact mirror image on each side, that also means I would NEED to make sure that every matching frame from one side to the other would HAVE TO BE PERFECTLY EVEN with each other. And if it was even an 1/8 of an inch off, it would drive me batty! And that task is NOT an easy one. It’s not one I have patience for.
It’s one of the reasons I’ve embraced IMPERFECTION! (it’s so much easier, lol) And then I knew. I knew I had to take all of those papers down and start from scratch. I had to make a random design.
So one by one, I taped those faux frames made of lime green paper back on the wall, moving them around what felt like 763 different times, trying to get something that worked.
Actually, it wasn’t that hard.
I promise.
It was all the time prior to this that made it feel that way. It was the procrastination that made it even harder. Once I actually dove into it, it all came together nicely! When I  saw something finally coming to life, I couldn’t stop smiling & staring at that lime green paper on the wall!!
One by one, I started putting the frames up in their place. And little by little, our home felt even cozier and more personal. I have to let you know, I took back a few frames that I realized were not going to work, and ran out to get a couple of new frames to make it work. Sometimes you just don’t know exactly what extra sizes or colors or patterns you will want or need until you try.  Either way, don’t be afraid of mixing colors, shapes, and textures in your frames. It looks awesome to have variety!
So, here it is! Here is my labor of love project finally complete! Well….almost! I need a picture of my husband & I for the very top frame in the middle. Surely one of our adult children can help us make that happen while they’re all here visiting for the holidays. If not, there is always the tripod and timer option! Ha!! Enjoy….



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    1. Thank you Row, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to do this, I love it every time I walked by it, and all of our guests stop to look at it, as well. It really added some life to the hallway!

  1. This is a work of art. You are so clever and talented. Love it. I have been planning a family photo wall (felines and humans featured, naturally!) And I am for sure going to incorporate some of your ideas here.

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