A Winter Fireplace Mantel and a little DIY Project

Hello my sweet blogland peeps!!
I hope you’re all doing well and that you had a fantastic holiday season! I for one feel like it went by way too fast. We had so much fun, I wish I could start all over & do it again ~ and for the first time in 7 years we had a white Christmas! It snowed all day on Christmas Eve, which was so wonderful. It has actually felt like a real winter ever since, which I love. I truly embrace EVERY season for all it has to offer. Needless to say, loving home decor as I do, I really didn’t want to take down the Christmas decorations last week. I suppose part of my hesitation has to do with the fact that it also meant my daughter & grandson flew back home, clear across the country. Those three weeks they were home flew by way too fast. 
Anyhow, what that does help me with, is pouring myself into some new projects & putting up some winter decor, to fill the void. Wow does a house feel bare when the tree comes down, the stockings get put away, and the lights aren’t twinkling in every corner of the room.  It was time to whip up some winter magic! 
But boy does it ever put a damper on things when you also come down with one heck of a cold! The start of this new year hasn’t been the easiest, and I’m feeling like a total slacker pants in the blogland department of life. 12 days so far and no end in sight. I was even nice enough to share with That Brett Guy! eek!
Alright, shall we get to it? 
My son-in-law drew my name in our Secret Santa exchange this year, and from the extra long list of items I put down in the Elfster app that we started using last year, I was so excited to see what he chose! (or what my daughter helped him choose, ha!) I received a faux boxwood wreath, a metal candle holder/stand (technically it’s a cupcake stand, as in, a single little cupcake – but it’s perfect for a 3″ pillar candle!!) and 3 LED white birch wax candles with a remote control. That Brett Guy also got me a gift card to Michael’s as one of my stocking stuffers. 
You know darn well that no silly little cold was going to keep me from shopping for craft supplies. Or a new basket. Or vase. Or candle. Or terrarium. Especially when I have a baby blog to nurture ~ so armed with an array of cold meds, we ventured out to get a few groceries and to stop in at Michael’s, so I could find some new goodies. I also had 2 great coupons expiring THAT day! No cold in the world is going to keep me from saving money. A coupon to me is like a Golden Ticket in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, to a child! 
I practically skipped into the store and pretty quickly found the new goodies they were starting to display in place of the Christmas decor. And before I knew it I had found a few things perfect for our fireplace mantel. The only problem was, they were for spring. And I needed something for winter! It’s not that I didn’t already have anything, but I get bored, and I wanted some new eye candy AND some good content for Willow Tree Hill.  And I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket.
All I knew is that I wanted my new faux boxwood wreath to be part of the mantel. 
Then, as I wandered the aisles, looking at everything with my imagination open for suggestions, I saw THIS: 
What is that, you ask?
It’s wood plank printed poster board!!!! Yes, you read that right. I had never seen it before, but I was in love instantly. And my mind was running wild. 
I know! Real wood planks would be preferred, but I didn’t have time for real wood planks. Or the energy. What I did have was a pretty old mirror that hadn’t been used in 3 years, that could use some paint, and perhaps then have the mirror covered in this lovely poster board! And I had ribbon from which to hang my boxwood wreath. And I had double sided sticky tape. And paint. And paint brushes. And finishing wax. And a glue gun. 
As a long time DIY gal, I always have quite a few supplies at my disposal and can usually whip up just about anything on the spur of a moment.  And so it began…
I grabbed my painters tape to protect the mirror, in case I ever wanted to use it as a mirror again, and started painting. I’m not going to bore you with the in between photos, but I wanted you all to see how this mirror started out:
I knew I wanted the frame to be a creamy white color, with some distressing, so I painted it black first, then white. Then as soon as I had it painted, I held the poster board up to it
And then I noticed the colors weren’t exactly complimenting one another – though hard to see in this photo above. This led me to hold it up to our wall color and see how that compared. 
Not exactly a color match. Our walls AND the poster board are both shades of grey. Or gray. However you prefer to spell the color. But our walls have a green hue to them, while the poster board has a pink hue. And because I’ve read a lot about color undertones the past few years, I knew I had to try something to change the undertone of my beloved poster board, or it wouldn’t look right. 
So off to my craft room I went. (or, um, the utility room with a table set up for me to work on crafts – this is real life, peeps!!)  And away I went with mixing paint colors!
And then I added some glaze. 
And then I nervously got ready to paint my poster board. Certain it was going to get ruined. But I bought 2 pieces because I like having a back up. It’s usually a sure fire way to NOT NEED the back up. Ya know, you only need a back up of something if you don’t actually plan for a problem to arise. Ha! So I went for it and I even poured the paint on! Go big or go home! And then I wiped off most of the paint/glaze mixture so you could still see the wood grain showing through. 
And what to my wondering eyes did appear? But a beautiful, green undertone, wood plank poster board, to cheer! 
I turned on a fan to dry it as quickly as possible, so I could lay it under a few heavy cardboard boxes to flatten it back out, because getting it wet made the edges curl up a bit.
And then….
I saw some pink and purple color splotches bleeding through my newly painted frame! WHAT? WHY?
Oh yeah!! I remember!! Years ago I used a red and a black Sharpie to fill in some scratches on that red & black mirror. Sigh, again! So I grabbed the primer, and started going over those spots. I let it dry for a bit using a fan to speed up the process, and then I repainted the mirror frame. This is where I became a bit bummed, because I was losing the distressed look I had achieved with the initial coat of creamy white paint. 
Once that dried overnight, I applied some clear wax to seal and protect the frame. 
Then it was time to cut my poster board to size and adhere it to the mirror. We already had some double sided sticky tape, and this is what it looked like:
Finally, after putting together the terrarium I got at Michael’s  with a set of candles I purchased at Ikea along with some faux evergreen stems, and shopping my own home for a few other items, this is what our winter fireplace mantel looks like now:
Disclosure: I was not paid, nor given any items shared in this blog post in exchange for my thoughts or reviews. These items were all owned previously or purchased recently for my own personal use. If you would like to find some of these items, you can find them at the following links: 
12″ faux boxwood wreath can be found here   
Wood grain, patterned poster board  
Set of candles used in terrarium 
Cupcake stand  
Hammered Galvanized Bucket on fireplace hearth   (sad fact – I just realized this was a “set” and when I purchased this back in October, I only got the large bucket, not even knowing it went with the other 2 smaller buckets, and this long after the fact, of course I won’t even try to do anything about it, cry!!!!
Wall color is Nimbus by Benjamin Moore  
White trim and built in paint color was a custom color that I do not have the details on
Rug 9’6″ x 13′   
Coffee table (along with the matching end table & sofa table, not shown) were also from Ashley 3 years ago, but it looks like they are no longer available  
The blue & white diamond pattern vases, and mercury glass urn/lid were also purchased from Ashley Home Store, but no longer available
If there is anything else you see that you have a question about, please let me know and I’ll answer if I can. Some items I’ve had for a really long time, so they may not be available for purchase 

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