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Winter doesn’t have to be a boring, dreary time of year! I love winter and the white fluffy, perfect looking snow. I don’t even mind going out in it – in fact I love it! (please don’t hate me, lol) I mean, in the midwest we haven’t seen REAL winters in a very long time and it’s actually quite disappointing. I was so excited it started snowing on Christmas Eve a couple of weeks ago, and we finally had a white Christmas for the first time in 7 years! It even snowed AGAIN just 5 days later!! WOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO! We had a real winter wonderland outside for almost 2 weeks. Until the past 48 hours when the temps rose to almost 60 degrees and melted it all away. Sigh….
Never fear, you can still create a winter wonderland inside your home, with no risk of it all disappearing right before your eyes. Or soaking your socks. Or turning your nose the same shade of red as Rudolf’s. Or looking like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man with all of your winter gear on.
I made these white trees before Christmas, for our winter wonderland master bedroom, but you can make them now for some fresh winter decor in your home. It’s a fun, low cost craft that can add some great decor to your home to brighten your winter!
This project is using different size cone trees made from poster board. Just grab some at your local dollar store where they are 2/$1, or run to your local hobby store – and get a few pieces. What I did to create the different sizes, was trace out a curved line for the bottom of the cones on the poster board and then cut them out. Remember, I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, so I came up with an idea on the fly – I tied a long piece of twine to a pencil, then used my finger to hold the twine at the corner of the poster board, set the pencil down on the edge of the poster board with my other hand and drew my line from one side to the other. Just keep repeating, but change the length of your twine to get different sizes.  You can get 2 fairly large cones out of one piece of poster board, or 4 smaller cones
If you don’t already have extra supplies, you can still create these trees on the cheap – be open minded and let your creative juices flow and shop your own house. Look for twine, glitter, white or silver ribbon, white paint, pine cones from your yard, flower seed heads from your yard (I love coneflower/echinacea seed heads) – you get the idea. You can also use faux snow flakes, faux fur ribbon, or any other supplies you can find. If you don’t already own a glue gun, definitely get one and don’t forget your glue sticks. The great thing about some of those supplies, is that you will only use some of it and then you’ll have left overs for other crafts, and the glue gun will be an invaluable tool for many years!
Once you cut out the poster board pieces, you’re just going to twist them around and overlap the edges to create a cone shape and the use a bead of hot glue on the edges to adhere them together. they’re not going to be perfect, and you may even need to squish the tops together to get it to close – it may even still be slightly open on top, as you can see in the photo below. Also, PLEASE BE CAREFUL with the HOT GLUE!! It is easy to burn your fingers – I sometimes use disposable plastic knives to push things into place instead of my fingers, depending on what it is. Also, the trick is to use enough glue to make sure it adheres well, but not so much that it oozes out all over.
For this tree I then also glued this sisal rope to the cone, gluing around & around as I went. You can also use jute roping ribbon from a craft store.
Next I painted the twine white, but not perfectly – I knew I wanted some different textures & looks between my trees.
For the next tree, I decided to use some faux fur ribbon from Michael’s that I had originally picked up to make a bow for a wreath – but I’m not veryt good at making bows, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make it look right when the fur was only on one side of the ribbon.  No worries, I knew I’d find something else to use this ribbon on! What I did here is start from the top of the cone, hot gluing the ribbon on as I went. As I twisted the ribbon around the cone tree, it would eventually end at the bottom, so I would cut it off with about 3/4″ overlap, wrapped up and glued on the inside of the bottom of the cone. I repeated the same thing from top to bottom, always starting in “the back” of the cone – the back is just wherever your starting point is for each new piece of ribbon. Before you know it, you’ll have a criss-cross pattern of ribbon creating a unique look for your cone tree.
The other 2 cones I made were covered in faux snow and white/pearl glitter that I had left over from my daughter’s winter wedding reception. I used spray adhesive on the one with the faux snow, and that was a big mistake! It showed through as yellow (see below) so then I was trying to glop on some mod podge over those yellow areas and added even more faux snow, but it still had some yellow showing through. So…..don’t use spray adhesive if you’re using a material that is opaque.
For the glitter I just used the Mod Podge adhesive and it worked great!
Here you can see how many cones I actually made. At the time I only needed 4, so I stacked the others and will use them in the future when a need arises.
In the end, these cute little trees found a home in our master bedroom, and they are staying put until winter is over.
To purchase some of the items shown:
Wood Lantern 
Feather Owl Ornament  The other 3 owl ornaments are sold out at Pier 1 Imports
Faux Fur Ribbon 
Faux Snow Flakes
Crystal Glitter 
Mod Podge
Twisted Sisal Rope – 100′  
This is another option, but not what I used Jute Roping Ribbon
Glue Gun 
Glue Sticks
Glue Sticks – better deal than above
You can also get a mini glue gun & use the mini glue sticks, which are easier to find – but it runs out faster, so you’ll be adding glue sticks more often
The other items are things I’ve had for a long time, or purchased at local specialty shops, Home Goods or TJ Maxx – but I found similar items to share:
Flocked Garland  I purchased mine at a local home decor shop, and got a great Black Friday Deal for only $20, so you can definitely find a less costly version next year, or perhaps some places still have some good clearance finds right now
White Glass Christmas Ball Ornaments These are not what I have, mine were purchased from Walmart, I believe they were Holiday Time brand, but they are no longer shown, so I tried to find similar items – here is another option  White Glass Christmas Ball Ornaments
Faux Boxwood ball   White Vase    or this  White Vase   The one shown in the espresso cube storage unit was purchased at Home Goods 3 years ago
The espresso 15 cube storage unit was purchased 5 years ago at a local furniture store, unsure of brand
The white wire basket and greenery were Hobby Lobby finds a few years ago

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