I Have A Confession…

I’m terrible with time management. And staying on task.
There, I said it!
I wasn’t always this way. But I am really struggling to get organized (in my mind) and can’t seem to choose a project to get started on right now. I have SO many ideas – things I am super excited about and can’t wait to do!!
So why can’t I pick one and just go for it? Why am I just sitting here every single day perusing Pinterest and Instagram, looking at all of these great ideas and DIY tutorials and reading other amazing blogs, looking for even more ideas, rather than doing the things I already know I want to do? Or putting new posts up of things I’ve already done?
I think it has to do with still learning to use my time wisely, following a more than full time job selling appliances for nearly 4 years! Prior to that, I’d always been at home taking care of my family & home, and I even provided in home childcare full time for 16 years. Being organized with my time was a necessity! Being a full time employee outside our home the past 4 years, meant I had to make use of my very limited time at home in the most efficient & productive way possible – and I DID!!
So why can’t I do that now?
I’m so happy to be back home – I get to babysit my granddaughter part time, and I can do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that brings the most happiness to my heart & soul.
I think it’s just been so long since I had “free time” to do whatever I want to be doing, and not what I have to be doing, that I can’t seem to reconcile the actual time I have available and my ability to actually start those projects. I think I’m stuck in that feeling of, “Someday I’ll have time to do that!” and “Ohhhhhh, that’s a great idea, put that on the list!!” and “Ooooooooh, shiny!” (you know – that’s a funny way of saying I am easily distracted with yet another new idea, or fun thing to watch online, or piece of furniture to dust, or counter to wipe down, or a scratch in the coffee table that needs touch up paint, or receipt that needs filed, or coupons that I need to clip, etc…., etc….)  LOL!!
My mom gave me this nifty little planner/journal for Christmas, and I’m hoping that it will help me stay on task.
As I type that, my mind is swirling! Do I fill this out today? Do I write all of my ideas down and give myself timelines to follow? Or do I start on one of my projects? Oh, I forgot I need to go put the laundry in the dryer and start another load in the washer. Be right back….
Oh, my laundry room – I love my laundry room/mudroom. It’s not terrible, it’s not “just” basic builder grade.
But it’s not blog worthy.
It definitely could be better!
Yes, put that on my list- need ideas to take my laundry room from nice to outstanding!!
Oh yeah baby! That’ll be so fun, and it’ll be an awesome blog post to share!
(“new” project idea #1)
Oh my gosh, I still need to go take photos of all the other projects I already had in mind for THIS blog post!
Behold the utility/craft/storage room….Oh how I long for this to be pretty, comforting, relaxing, cozy.  A place I can come to and not feel like I’m in a basement. A place I’m not embarrassed to photograph, lol….  (project idea #2)
Ahhhh, 2 pictures I have painted the backgrounds on, but have yet to decide what else to do with them – it’s a tug of war between words and seasons. I even made the white one double sided – so it can pull double duty and stay up for 2 different seasons/holidays. (project idea #3 and #4)
The chair! This sweet little rocking chair that belonged to my mother.
A rocking chair my own children played with as they grew up. A rocking chair I want my grandchildren to play with as they grow up.
I’ve wanted to refinish & recover this chair for YEARS.  (project idea #5)
I wonder how old this chair actually is?
Let me go dig out her photo album and see if I can find out!
There it is, I found it!!!
I’m guessing my mom was 2.5 years old here at Christmas, making this chair 64 years old!
Awwwww, my mom was such a cute baby.
Wait, that looks like Abby!
Oh and there is another photo where I can see the similarity. And another! And another!  And then I show my son, Holden,  several photos and ask him who this looks like!
Yep, he said, “That looks like Abby!”
I’m not seeing things! He agrees! Must do a side by side photo and show everyone!
Can you see it?
Wow, my granddaughter looks like her Gigi! Everyone knows she looks just like her daddy (our son) but this is so amazing to seeing how this new generation is carrying on all of our genetics.
Life is so miraculous! How cool is this!
(I’ll save you from having to indulge me in looking at the other side by side comparisons I made today, and ALL of the photos I took with my phone of my mom’s baby pictures, so I’d have them handy, in case, you know, something ever happened to that photo album, like flood or fire – now they’re on my phone! That’s me, always prepared for anything!)
Ok, back on track, where were we? Oh that’s right! Project ideas I have….
The guest bedroom in the basement. This was our daughter’s Amish oak dresser & nightstands purchased in 1999 – I painted them 4 years ago, and I loved them at the time. Now, not so much. Time to repaint them.
Especially after our son came home from the Navy, started college, and used this room for a year & wore off the paint all over the dresser! Luckily, I’ve learned a few tricks since then, and know how to prevent whatever new finish I decide on using, from wearing off.
Now to choose a color! (project idea #6)


Next….these air return wall grates! Must fix the ugliness! (project idea #7)
Man I’m hungry! (smells the creamy chicken & wild rice soup I made last night, being warmed up by Holden!) Another blog post idea I had – share the recipe! (project idea #8)
Lunch break – now I need my crackers, so I run downstairs to get them out of the utility room refrigerator (thinks to self,  must share this tip with readers – saltines stay fresh if kept refrigerated!)
Gets crackers, runs back upstairs…..
I really should clean Abby’s toys up, since she’s not coming today…..
You see where this is going….
(it’s the “oooooh, SHINY” phenomenon)
Cleans toys up…
 Look how pretty & cozy the fireplace looks!
A fire sounds nice! I’ll get one started and eat my soup out here in the living room – while looking at Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook a little more.
It’s my lunch break.
It’s ok!
Runs back out to the kitchen to get my soup and crackers served up
Welcome to my life these days! 🙂
So, tell me how you all stay on task and don’t let the day slip by without getting all the things done, that you intended to get done?

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  1. It’s a constant battle to manage time and remember everything for everyone. I still love your decorating style – I wish I had that knack and knew what to buy and arrange.

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