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Good morning my sweet friends!
So I came up with daily themes for each day of the week, in my attempt to keep myself on task and consistently get new blog posts put up. I can’t promise that I will have a new post every single day. But I think this will help me get there eventually. Especially if I focus on *at least* 3 specific topics on set days of the week, to start off with.
The other side of this is that my hope & goal is to also help all of you see what potential there is for decorating your own homes on a real life budget. I do love to get new items for my home, but being back home full time for health reasons and to help babysit my grandbabies, and not working full time outside the home anymore, I can no longer buy whatever I want, whenever I want. Luckily for me, I’ve been reading home decor blogs for a few years now, as well as having always tackled my own DIY projects – big and small – for many years. So these things are not intimidating to me and I love this kind of stuff – I love being creative and I do well with coming up with my own ideas, too. But I know not everyone feels that way and I’m here to help you out!
The thing is, it’s ok to mimic the things you see & like. It’s one of the easiest ways to decorate your own home – or create your own garden, or learn new recipes, or come up with a new outfit. It falls into a lot of categories in our lives. People share what they’re doing, what they’re making, what they’re wearing, etc…,  and then we try it for ourselves. It’s really helpful if you’re struggling with creativity in those areas.
I do challenge you all to go outside of your comfort zone, though, and try to find unique pieces, so you have a home that is like no other! A home that you created all on your own. That’s one of the cool things about thrift store shopping, or buying from small businesses, especially if they’re local to you – it allows all of us to find our own unique treasures. I get a lot of wonderful ideas on home decor and other things online, but then I just build from those ideas, and find my own style – creating a home (and wardrobe and life!!) that is unique and one of a kind to me.
Here is an example of something I imitated ~ the first photo I saw on Pinterest early 2014. The second photo is my first go at duplicating this look, by using the pillar candle holders, candles & frames that I already had from a long time ago, and purchasing the lanterns & small wall-mounted lantern hooks from Pottery Barn, the mirror from Kohl’s (no longer available – but here is a similar mirror and here is another mirror option that I really like a lot!!), and the vase & greenery from Hobby Lobby during the spring of 2015. The third photo is current with winter decor pieces I already had ~ the faux cedar garland is from Pier 1 (out of stock), the 3 tall gold trees are from my aunt & uncle’s local garden shop that always has amazing decor, the star was from Target Christmas 2016 (no longer available).


Ok, so….I’d love to know what you think about these ideas. So far I’ve come up with:
  • Sit Back Sunday ~ on Sundays I want to embrace relaxation. It’s a day to enjoy downtime with our family at home, and to take time to breathe, reflect & unwind
  • Mixed Up Monday ~ on Mondays I will be sharing an assortment of topics – clothing, recipes, seasonal decor, guest topics on hair & makeup, party theme ideas, etc…
  • Twenty Dollar Tuesday ~ on Tuesdays I will be featuring items, projects, DIY updates, and makeovers for new or old home decor items & furniture – that cost around only $20
  • Willow Tree Hill Wednesday/Spring & Summer ~ on Wednesdays I will be talking about all things gardening! Yard & garden, patio, creating beautiful planters, etc…
  • Willow Tree Hill Wednesday/Fall & Winter ~ on Wednesdays I will focus on home organization, updates/upgrades in the home, and other misc. topics
  • Thrifty Thursday ~ on Thursdays I will be highlighting items that I found at thrift shops, most of which usually get a DIY update/makeover *OR* a low cost HIGH IMPACT project
  • Favorites Friday ~ on Fridays I’ll share all of my favorite things!
  • Social Saturday ~ on Saturdays my goal is to promote my fellow blogger’s homes & decor & ideas
I will (also) definitely still be sharing topics & photos whenever the mood or opportunity strikes – on whatever day it happens to strike! Ha!
Remember, I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl! 😉

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2 Comments on “Blog Themes ~ To Keep Me on Task and Help Inspire You”

  1. I love reading your blogs. In the pictures of your home they r so inviting, warm, and cozy. Your home is so pretty. I love the ideas for each day of the week for your blog topics. Keep up the good work.
    Cindy, from Texas

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