Welcome To Twenty Dollar Tuesday: A Hobby Lobby Vase Makeover

You know when you see something that’s a great deal, but you’re not thrilled with the look or the color?
So you pass it by, hoping some other great deal will be around the corner.
But you find nothing. So you leave empty handed. And defeated.
And the next time you’re scouting out the Hobby Lobby clearance section, those same vases (that are now marked down even further) are still sitting there. All alone, ignored and passed by, probably by hundreds of other shoppers who thought the same thing you did the first time you saw them.
But then the light bulb turned on in my head. And I realized that while I’d rather find something I can take home and set in the perfect spot, without extra thought ~ I DO have the means to make it something I like. I have paint. And paint brushes. And paint mixing glaze. And an imagination. I was on the hunt for items that will be perfect for spring decor. I had colors in mind.
And THIS definitely was not the color scheme I was after.
But the price was right. $10 and $7.50 – yes please!
And I can paint them any color I like.
So they came home with me.


I’ll give them a loving home.
I’ll let them shine and have the spotlight they’ve been waiting for!


I started by disassembling the lids.
 I just needed a ratchet tool and the right socket size to remove the hardware. I tried removing it with my own hands, but they were on really tight!
And then it was time to start painting! I chose this color called Greenscape by FolkArt
I painted the vases and lids with 2 coats of greenscape, using the largest of these Crafter’s Choice brushes – these are my favorite crafting paint brushes! They hold up really well, no worries about bristles falling out, and they give a nice smooth finish.
 Then I mixed up some white acrylic paint and Valspar Clear Mixing Glaze to create some depth on the vases.
I used a foam stencil type brush like these for this application – I dipped it into my glaze mixture and then dabbed it on the paper I placed underneath everything (you could use a paper plate or whatever you have on hand), to get the excess off the foam until I could tell it wasn’t too much to start applying to the vase. This would of course leave paint on the paper, so when the foam was running dry, I would keep dabbing it in the paint on the paper until I used it all up. Just repeat as needed, getting more paint on the foam brush from your container of mixture & dolloping it onto the paper.
After each side had dried a couple of minutes, I also took a dry paper towel and gently dabbed off the excess paint from the vase, and then lightly wiped it all down to soften to look of the white glaze. I also used this same technique for the lids.
Tip: I keep all of the paper that stores wrap fragile items in when they bag them up – it’s perfect to keep messes off your work spaces & you can throw it away without feeling wasteful
 Something to keep in mind ~ even those of us who like to create home decor, or makeover things we already own, or tackle DIY projects of all kinds , sometimes it’s trial and error ~ and that’s ok! These vases are a perfect example. I ended thinking the white glaze was too much contrast, so then I applied it all over the vase and wiped it off, so the blue color still showed through. But then there wasn’t enough contrast. Ugh! So…. I decided to go back over the raised parts of the vases with a solid color of the greenscape paint. I used the same foam brushes as with the glaze, only I squeezed out paint onto my work paper and dabbed the foam as needed, making sure there was never too much paint on it – you achieve this by dabbing it on your paper (away from the paint you squeezed out) over & over to get some of it off, until you have the amount you want on the foam brush. Then you start dabbing it on the piece you’re working on. Once you’ve done it a few times you know exactly how much you need on the foam brush. Easy peasy!
Once this was done I really liked it!
So then I went over the lids with the greenscape  color paint ~ dabbing with the paint, then a paper towel, then lightly wiping it off.
The next thing I did was paint the handle hardware white. I primed them with 2 coats of Zinsser multi-purpose primer. Then 2 coats of white.
This was another idea that didn’t work out. It looked terrible!  Sigh…
 I decided they needed to be a solid color of greenscape, and that looked so much better! YAY!!
Also, you can see in the first photo below, that the metal threading is showing, so I also painted that, too.
To seal and protect the vases, the last step is to cover everything with a coat of Valspar Clear Satin Sealing Wax with this very simple brush. I also just bought this larger brush to use when sealing with wax from now on, to make things move along a lot faster – and for bigger pieces.
(I’d love to have one of the Annie Sloan brushes but we don’t have a nearby stockist for Annie Sloan products)
Once you apply the sealing wax, you let it sit for a couple of minutes and then wipe off the excess with a soft, clean (preferably) lint free cotton towel, old t-shirt, or cloth diaper.


And now, they look like this
Their new home will be on our built-in bookcases, on the left side of the fireplace. I love this color for spring and summer! This color is similar to the Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue color that so many people are talking about & using in their home decor projects. There are a lot of different brands that carry this color, they’re just all named something different – and I’m sure there are variations in the actual color from brand to brand if you’re trying to find a color like this. I think no matter what brand you use, the end result will look so similar to one another, you’d never really know the difference.
Total out of pocket for the 2 vases and one 2oz. bottle of acrylic paint was $20.12
(I’m not including the supplies I already had on hand & I realize this adds to the cost if you’re just getting started – but trust me when I say, if you plan to keep doing things like this, a lot of the supplies you invest in will last a long time, and they will be used for many projects)


Now I’m itching to use this color for a piece of furniture, too.



(disclaimer, I was not not paid or compensated in any form for anything in this post)



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