Willow Tree Hill Wednesday – Cleaning Tip


Good morning sweet peeps!


I’m starting today off with a cleaning tip.

I’m sorry!

I know it’s nothing too exciting.

But it IS worthwhile.

I promise!

Sometimes when you find a cleaning tip that makes a once difficult and/or chemical filled chore, very easy by using an inexpensive, natural ingredient ~ you just NEED to share!

We moved into our home a bit over 3 years ago, and while we had always previously lived in the city next door, this is the first time we’ve lived in our current city (think mid-western suburbia surrounded by farmland) and this is the first time we’ve ever had to deal with hard water stains & calcium deposits.  Seriously – how can it be THAT different when both cities are side by side?  But it is. Now we get white and blue and orange crusty build up all over our faucets & shower heads, just like this:


As a side note – this is the shower that my 2 youngest sons use/d. The youngest of the 2 moved out in November, and our other son has been home for a bit over a year after serving in the US Navy for 4 years, and is now attending college full time and working full time. They were/are in charge of cleaning. You don’t want to know my reaction when I discovered this horrifying sight…

At Christmas time. When my youngest son was home for a few days with his girlfriend, who we were meeting for the very first time and who would be suing THIS shower. As well as my daughter & grandson who were home for the holidays, who also bathe in here.

So….while I am WAY better than I used to be about being a self proclaimed “clean freak” (i.e. I don’t freak out over every little crumb, speck of dust, or spot on the mirror) I absolutely do not allow my home to get to this point and I absolutely would never, ever purposely allow my guests to use a bathroom that looks like this. And my boys know this!

This thing obviously hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time.

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. Especially because I had asked my son to clean that bathroom SPOTLESS and to MY STANDARDS before anyone got here. So you know what I was stuck doing for the next hour – because, yeah! (don’t even get me started on the soap scum in the tub, and the dirty floors, sink & mirror that I also found down in this bathroom)

Here’s the thing –  last year I came across a tip on how to easily clean that gunk off, by using vinegar! And I used it upstairs on every faucet and shower head as needed, ever since. I even use it to clean off the water dispenser on my refrigerator. I already knew (from having been an appliance sales consultant for the previous 4 years) that it is recommended to use vinegar to clean washing machines and dishwashers – so I was already aware of it’s cleaning capabilities and benefits – but I had never heard of this.

All you do is pour some vinegar – any brand – into a bag that won’t leak (preferably a plastic freezer bag) and secure it around the faucet or shower head with whatever you can find, and leave it there for a couple of hours! I’ve also seen where people take the faucets apart or take the shower head off and soak them in a bag like that, too, but I’m also all for doing things as easy as possible, and that seems like excessive & unnecessary work, ha!)

I happened to have this wire thing that I kept from our artificial Christmas tree, knowing I’d surely find a use for it somewhere along the way, lol. Seriously, use twistie ties, a rubberband, a ziptie – whatever you have. Secure it tight, making sure that your faucet or shower head is FULLY submerged in the vinegar. Also, be careful not to drop your bag full of vinegar – make sure you’ve got a good grip or have someone help you.

Now go do the same to every other one that needs cleaning.

Or if you’re super frugal like me, take this one off in a couple of hours and just move it to the next one that needs cleaned.

Waste not, want not!

(I used that phrase the other day and my 23 year old son had NO idea what it meant! Seriously! Yep, I’m getting old, already using phrases my ADULT kids have never heard)

When you remove the bag, grab an old toothbrush or scrub brush and watch the magic happen right before your eyes!




You’re welcome! =)


And yes, mom has been on the 23 year old ever since this unsightly discovery and made sure he is cleaning to MY STANDARDS on a weekly basis! My thing has always been, if you never let things get out of hand in the first place, it’s not hard to keep your home clean and picked up!

It’s also the best way to maintain your home, to insure that it lasts a very long time. Yes, a clean home is part of how that is possible!

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2 Comments on “Willow Tree Hill Wednesday – Cleaning Tip”

  1. Great idea! Really hard water at our house and we actually just replaced the shower heads last month and I am so going to try this. I have already occasionally been pouring a cup of white vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher a few minutes into the cycle and also using it in the clothes washing machine several times a week.

    1. Courtney, you will be amazed at how easy this is to clean all of your faucets & shower heads! Depending how bad the hard water is at your house, you may only need to do it once every few months to keep things squeaky clean. You could always get some white vinegar on a toothbrush and give a few quick swipes once a week to keep it in check between the bigger cleanings. That’s what I’ve been doing! 😉 And good for you to be using the vinegar cleaning in your dishwasher & washing machine. It’s so important, and a lot of people are not aware of those options.

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