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Good morning friends! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and doing what you love most!



That Brett guy and I are having our coffee & toast and listening to our favorite music – planning our weekend projects & trying our best to focus on finishing the ones we started, before getting into something new. But……it’s so hard when you have so many ideas & plans that you can’t wait to do!


Today is my first Social Saturday post, and I’m so anxious to get this one put up so I can share some of my favorite bloggers’ kitchens with you, as well as my own kitchen decor.


Do you ever scroll through Instagram or Pinterest or other home decor blogs with googly eyes when you see all of those pretty place settings, and creative kitchen island centerpieces, or dining room tablescapes?


Like this one at The Lily Pad Cottage!! I’ve been following her for quite some time, and this is her new home just built last year. It was so fun following along as it was all coming together.
Her previous home, in my humble opinion, was just as swoon worthy, in its own right!  You can check it out here.

Or when you see a kitchen island styled like this from another of my favorite bloggers, Confessions Of A Serial Do-It-Yourselfer:
And then you keep scrolling and you find yet another one that makes you totally go gaga over it?
Like this sweet cottage farmhouse Kitchen by Layla at The Lettered Cottage – it may be small, but it sure packs some punch!
And then wish you could put something together that looks just as nice, but you don’t know where to start?
Well I’m here to help!
Here’s the best part ~ you probably already own pieces that would work, you just need to get them out and put them together! There are several pieces of decor that I’ve owned for 20+ years and I still LOVE them!
This glass canister set with the perfectly chippy paint and rusty patches – that were actually EARNED from REAL use in our kitchen since 1991. I kid you not! That Brett guy gets a Christmas gift from his employer and every other year he lets me choose the gift, and that year, this is what I chose. And it has always had a place on my counter ever since! Even if you have something old and you’re tired of it because of the color or just bored with the area it sits in – ask yourself these 2 questions: Could it be painted? Could it be repurposed to another room for another type of decor? You’d be surprised how easily you can breathe new life into old decor pieces! In this case, I’ve never changed a thing about this canister set, that holds so many memories over the past 26 years, that it’s simply a part of our life, now – and it always will be. Luckily for me, this look is really “in” right now! Ha!
And these. These perfect glass containers that I bought at Pier 1 in January 1998. Yes, you read that right. That is NOT a typo, lol. They are 20 years old, and they, too, have always had a place in our kitchen, ever since. I love them. They are part of our family. And I cannot imagine ever getting rid of them. The lesson, buy timeless pieces. Buy decor that is more traditional (i.e. not trendy) and you may end up with things you love and will work with your decor for many, many years!!
And white dishes. How can you ever go wrong with classic white dishes?
You can’t!! There’s no color to get tired of.  No odd shape that goes out of style. No prints that are outdated within a couple of years.
And baskets. I believe baskets are always going to work for any kind of decor and will also stand the test of time. It also depends on how you pair them with other decor or how you change their appearance to work with current trends. I have a lot of Longaberger Baskets dating back to the late 90’s/early 2000’s. The country and floral fabric liners have been gone a long time now – and without them, they still work very well. I really like that the brown color adds some warmth to all of the white & grey.
What about cookbooks? Are yours all hidden away? Get them out! If you don’t have glass cabinet doors to showcase your prized possessions, stack them up on your counter next to a wall & use a canister or basket or butcher knife block as a bookend of sorts.
Do you have some greenery in little pots? If not, that’s ok – it’s one of the least expensive things you can run out & pick up for minimal cost. A pop of green goes along way in any kind of decor, but I think it especially brightens & freshens up a kitchen instantly. Having real plants is best, but I’m here to say, that taking care of a lot of real plants can be a chore – so I choose to have several artificial varieties, and care for just 3-4 real plants that I know can handle a little bit of neglect, just in case! haha
The green glass canister on the shelf, that was also a Pier 1 find 20 years ago,  and yes, it’s been showcased ever since!
And don’t be afraid to use things like metal coffee cans or other food & drink canisters, cans, bottles, etc…  Many of those types of items add great kitchen charm to your home!
Glasses – clear glasses with a bit of character. Here is where I’d say go for some patterns! Not only does it add visual interest, but you won’t see the etching (as easily) that inevitably happens over time on drinkware, especially if you use a dishwasher.
Add different materials, you can see I have ceramic, metal, glass and wooden items here.
See that wire egg basket? Take one guess where it came from and how long I’ve had it!
Pier 1 and 20 years are the answers!
The wooden bowls are salad bowls from my sweet mother-in-law, as is the white ceramic bread dipping  set.
Another fun tip, that you can never go wrong with, is using S. Pellegrino bottles for decor. It really adds some fun color to any kitchen countertop or island, coffee bar, or buffet/hutch. As a side note, did you know that using sparkling water in your cake mix, instead of regular tap water, makes your cakes come out a lot lighter & fluffier? We love doing this with fruit flavored cakes like lemon, cherry chip, or strawberry.
Cute labeled cleaning supplies! This is so easy – set them on the counter and viola – instant home decor for your kitchen!
Last but not least, have fun adding some stylish, simple place settings to an island or breakfast booth table. I already owned all of this, but had never put it together before and once I did, even that Brett guy loved it and suggested I leave it there for awhile.
This brown metal letter B, it goes to a wrought iron set of letter that spells out our last name – I’ve had them for 10 years. I remember pining over the decision to buy them, and I decided to just go for it and like many other items, they’ve been a part of our home decor ever since. I just move them around to different places if I need a change.  And my sweet little birdie – a quick little $5 purchase from hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. Add a fruit bowl with lemons & limes and you have instant fresh decor! That little metal watering can – $3.49 at 50% off from Hobby Lobby last weekend. Add some foam and some artificial lavender and viola, perfect spring center piece addition to any tablescape or kitchen island.
Now go have fun putting together your own long time treasures & perhaps pick up a few new items to freshen up your space. And remember, it doesn’t have to be over the top – simplicity is a welcome decorating style for many people, myself included. I love home decor, but I also like wide open spaces that don’t appear too cluttered. I hope that you can sense that in my style, and my hope is also that it will make it easier for you all to see that you can do this, too.
If you enjoyed this post, please let me know in the comments below!
Happy Decorating!!!

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