Valentines Baking ~ It’s The Little Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Monday everyone!!! Are you ready to tackle the week?


That Brett Guy took a couple of vacation days to finish our big project – but I took the time to finish up my Valentine’s Day baking photos and put together this fun little display this morning.
I think it’s great that you can put things like this together so easily, even if just for your family or a lunch with friends.
I even started this whole thing on a whim.
I had some red velvet cake mixes here already, so what better time to use red velvet cake than for Valentine’s Day!
We also had red sprinkles. And white sugar pearls. And silver sugar pearls.
So I dumped, cracked, poured, mixed, melted and whipped up some yummy Valentines treats!
I even made my own butter cream frosting.
While everything was baking, I painted some mason jars, scuffed them up a bit, and tied some twine around them  ~ like every good blogger knows to do!
And then I had this!
Are you ready for a piece of cake yet?
Surprise!!! There’s a brownie layer, too!!
Add some vanilla bean ice cream and you’re good to go!
Are you ready to get baking now? 🙂
This post is not sponsored by any brand or company, and I was not compensated in any way for sharing the following info. These are my personal preferences, and where I purchased the items I used in this post – some of which I’ve had for a long time. For reference, the items shown are:
My favorite vanilla that my family & I have always used since I was child: Watkins Baking Vanilla
Galvanized Tabletop Charger
Small Cookie Jar
Large Cookie Jar
Ball Mason Jars
All other items were purchased at various stores like Walmart, Meijer, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Dollar Tree.
I’ll be back tomorrow with another new post with some great inspiration for a party theme, so check back in.
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Enjoy the rest of your day friends!

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