Happy Birthday Dominic ~ Children’s Party Themes & Decor Ideas


Good afternoon friends!!! Today is all about birthday parties…..
Keep on scrolling through this photo heavy post, because there are a lot of great party ideas and photos all the way to the very end.
This post is dedicated to my first grandchild ~ the tiny baby that stole our hearts from the moment he was earthside ~ the little boy who made me a Mimi.  I may be a bit biased, but having 4 children myself, and providing full time childcare in my home for 16 years for too many children to count, I can say that Dominic is one of the smartest, funniest, most well behaved little guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. He is the best (i.e. healthiest!!) little eater, he has compassion beyond his years, and the inspiring imagination of children from times past.
First, I just have to share this little recap of the last 3 years & 9 months worth of photos of Dominic
I’ll start with his Birthday TODAY, next is his party from 2 days ago, then a few photos of his 2nd Birthday party decor, and finally his AMAZING 1st Birthday Party that we were so blessed to be able to host at our home and be there in person to celebrate with him. His daddy was out of the country and our daughter decided that she was coming home for his 1st Birthday, because she couldn’t imagine being alone for it. You see, they live in San Diego ~ so there are many things we miss and lots of tears because of it, so having them here for his 1st birthday was so incredible for us to experience.
This photo below was from this morning ~ look at that happy little guy!
All I can say about having children and grandchildren who live clear across the country from us, is thank goodness for FaceTime, Facebook, and Instagram! Because it’s one of the hardest things to go through, being a tight knit family like we are. We are counting down the months until they are back home for good = 13 months!
Dominic is 3 years old today and I’m not quite sure how 3 years have passed already.
This photo (above) was taken 2 days ago at his Cars themed birthday party.  He LOVES all things Disney Pixar Cars, so this year our daughter didn’t get as creative with the theme, but she still (as always) makes most of the party decor & food herself. She is simply one of the most artistic people I know, and there really isn’t anything she can’t do when she sets her mind to it!
This was only the 2nd time she has ever used fondant and look at this cute little cake!! (and look at her calligraphy on her fruit basket – free handed!)
Here are just a few of the other photos from his 3rd birthday party:
Isn’t he a lucky little boy! He loved that bounce house so much! Our daughter made the cake, cupcakes, cookies, and race car chocolates herself.
I just wish we could have been there to celebrate with him.
On to his 2nd birthday!
This one was themed “King Of All Wild Things”
So fitting for this amazing little dude!
And finally, Dominic’s most incredible shark themed 1st Birthday Party ~ at Mimi and PawPaw’s house!
Our daughter, Jordan, made everything you are about to see. She bought all the parts & pieces for the decor, then put it all together ~ and she baked, frosted, wrote, drew, and decorated EVERYTHING else by herself.  Well now wait a minute, I CAN claim the rustic sign with Dominic’s name on it, the jello aquarium, and the pasta salad! Those were all made by me. Ha!
I know the photos aren’t the best quality, but 2 years ago I had no idea I would be starting a blog and want to share these photos! But really – does it even matter, once you see how cool this party theme turned out?!!! With ALL of this, there is just too many awesome things to look at to even care about the quality of photos! 😉
As a side note about our health food junkie little grandson, who will steal your asparagus and broccoli off your plate when his is gone, who has refused almost all junk food for most of his life ~ and aside from the frosting on Dominic’s face from his mommy (our daughter) smashing a cupcake in his face, lol, he never did actually eat any cake on his 1st Birthday. In fact, he looked rather disgusted when we put the frosting or cake in his mouth so he could taste it. He also refused cake for his 2nd Birthday! But, he FINALLY ate some of his birthday cake for his 3rd Birthday this year!
Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

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