So happy to have you join me here at Willow Tree Hill!! My name is Holly and I am excited to help you create a cozy, welcoming home & garden on a real life budget! You’ll also find a few inspirational posts about party decor and fashion for everyone, along with a recipe or two.
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Personal dislaimer: I’m a total newby when it comes to blogging and all of the rules and ins & outs of how to create & design a blog, so the look and feel of Willow Tree Hill might be a little rough around the edges for a bit. Please be gentle & understanding.  After the holidays I’ll have more time to learn everything – I just couldn’t wait to get going with this, and you know how they say if you always wait until things are perfect ~ no matter your plans ~ it’ll never happen! I also think that starting during the holidays is pretty cool, because of course it’s my favorite time of year for home decor!!