About Me

My name is Holly and I know no boundaries when it comes to being creative, having new ideas, tackling a new project, or making huge life changes! Sure it can be scary. But we only get this one life to live, and I’m doing my darnedest to make it the most beautiful life I can!

Whether I’m putting together a lovely outdoor planter full of gorgeous blooms or repainting my candle holders ~ to designing my own house plan when building a new home, or plotting out my own landscape design, I do it all and I don’t stop until it’s perfect. My kind of perfect. Which is evolving into NOT perfect. Because over the years, I’ve discovered that I don’t want perfect crisp lines. Or rooms that look like we don’t actually live here. Or the hassle of keeping things so spotless, that I’m spending more time cleaning than creating. I want cozy & comfortable. I want aged character in our new construction home. I want my family & friends to feel like they can come in and relax, without fear of spilling something or knocking something over. That said, I am a bit of a clean freak, and I do like to keep things picked up & tidy. I just don’t drive myself batty over a little dust or a random fingerprint on the stainless refrigerator anymore. Life is too short!

I also like to get my hands dirty and put in long hours of sweat equity in everything I do. Then I stand back and smile. And tilt my head this way and that way. I walk around and look from another angle. And another. And another. After that, I yell for my husband to come look, too ~ and he does! He tells me how good I did. How proud he is of me. And how much he loves my new creation or design. And sometimes how crazy he thinks I am. But always how much he loves me for being exactly the person that I am!

That husband of mine has been in my life for over 30 years, and I cannot imagine tackling life with anyone else. I mean who else would put up with, I mean, fully support all of my new ideas andĀ  adventures? That Brett guy is a keeper, for sure!

We also have 4 adult children, 2 of whom are married and starting their own families ~ our 2 oldest childrenĀ  have each given us grandchild ~ be still my heart. Being a grandparent, or Mimi in my case, is EVERYTHING *they* say it is. My heart is so happy just thinking about those precious babies! My checkbook on the other hand, has needed CPR a few times, because Mimi loves to spoil them rotten. You get to do that with grandchildren, ya know!